Profane Words in Spanish

A list of profanity (swear words) in Spanish. The data is available as a CSV file or JSON file download, or by accessing our dedicated API endpoint directly.

Data Formats: json | txt | api

API Access

For simple API access you can return the full JSON response by accessing the following URL.

This will return the full JSON response as shown here.

We have documentation on the full API usage, where you can sort, filter and more.

There are some limts to this API.

  • There are no guarentees about availability, though we are highly available.
  • Currently the data is not versioned, so the latest is always returned.
  • If you abuse this service, we can limit your access at any time.

Use it however you want. Please be mindful of our bandwidth though. We are free and open but not currently funded, so bandwidth costs come directly out of our pockets.