What is this?

We are curating a list of well formatted and easily accessible data sources from all over the Internet. All data sources are linked to a git repo so we can update these data sources together. Any fixes with the data or additions can be made as a pull request in the repo.

DEDOLIST is a combination of the Greek word for data (dedoména) and the word "list". It's pronounced "Day Doh List", similar to the mythological Greek character Daedalus

Why are you doing this?

When developing apps we became frustrated that commonly used data was scattered over multiple github repos, gists and APIs. We thought there should be one place where anyone could find and access the data they needed in multiple formats. Of course as this website’s popularity grows it becomes more expensive to host all this data. We want this to be a sustainable venture, so we are exploring ways to lightly monetize it so these data sources will be permanent.

How was it made?

The site has been statically generated using Eleventy (11ty). 11ty has been a fantastic tool for this project, I highly recommend it especially if you are comfortable with Javascript. This site is hosted on Netlify which has also been a great developers experience to use. Mostly this site is just HTML/CSS, but we do need some light JS components here and there. For that we are using Svelte and it has been very easy to learn. Thanks to every open source project and all their maintainers. We could not build the Internet without you ❤️

Who are you really?

I have been using “we” this entire time, but currently this site is a passion project of one developer. I do however have every intention of turning this into a sustainable small company with employees from around the world. I want this to become the first place developers turn to to find the data they need. We are not currently looking for sponsors, but if you work for a company that would be interested in sponsoring this project.