Profane Words in English

A comprehensive list of profanity (swear words) in English with multiple variations. The data is available as a CSV file or JSON file download, or by accessing our dedicated API endpoint directly.

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    "2 girls 1 cup",
    "a s s",
    "a s shole",
    "alabama hot pocket",
    "alaskan pipeline",
    "alligator bait",
    "ass monkey",
    "auto erotic",
    "b a s t a r d",
    "b i t c h",
    "b o o b",
    "baby batter",
    "baby juice",
    "ball gag",
    "ball gravy",
    "ball kicking",
    "ball licking",
    "ball sack",
    "ball sucking",
    "barely legal",
    "beaver cleaver",
    "beaver lips",
    "beef curtains",
    "bi curious",
    "big black",
    "big breasts",
    "big knockers",
    "big tits",
    "black cock",
    "blonde action",
    "blonde on blonde action",
    "blonde on blonde",
    "blow j",
    "blow job",
    "blow your l",
    "blow your load",
    "blue waffle",
    "bo ob",
    "bo obs",
    "booty call",
    "bounty bar",
    "bounty bars",
    "brown showers",
    "brunette action",
    "bullet vibe",
    "bung hole",
    "bunny fucker",
    "burr head",
    "burr heads",
    "butt plug",
    "c u n t",
    "camel jockey",
    "camel jockeys",
    "camel toe",
    "carpet muncher",
    "cheese eating surrender monkey",
    "cheese eating surrender monkies",
    "cheeseeating surrender monkey",
    "cheeseeating surrender monkies",
    "china swede",
    "china swedes",
    "ching chong",
    "ching chongs",
    "chocolate rosebuds",
    "christ killer",
    "christ killers",
    "cleveland steamer",
    "clover clamps",
    "coon ass",
    "coon asses",
    "curry muncher",
    "curry munchers",
    "date rape",
    "dawgie style",
    "deep throat",
    "deep throating",
    "diaper head",
    "diaper heads",
    "dick pic",
    "dirty pillows",
    "dirty sanchez",
    "dog style",
    "doggie style",
    "doggy style",
    "donkey punch",
    "dot head",
    "dot heads",
    "double dong",
    "double penetration",
    "douche bag",
    "dp action",
    "dry hump",
    "dumb ass",
    "dune coon",
    "dune coons",
    "eat my ass",
    "eat my",
    "ethical slut",
    "f u c k e r",
    "f u c k e",
    "f u c k",
    "f u k",
    "female squirting",
    "flipping the bird",
    "foot fetish",
    "fuck buttons",
    "fudge packer",
    "gang bang",
    "gator bait",
    "gay sex",
    "giant cock",
    "girl on top",
    "girl on",
    "girls gone wild",
    "god dammit",
    "god damn",
    "god damnit",
    "golden shower",
    "goo girl",
    "gook eye",
    "gook eyes",
    "group sex",
    "h e l l",
    "h o m",
    "half breed",
    "half caste",
    "hand job",
    "hard core",
    "hot carl",
    "hot chick",
    "how to kill",
    "how to murder",
    "huge fat",
    "jack off",
    "jail bait",
    "jelly donut",
    "jerk off",
    "jungle bunnies",
    "jungle bunny",
    "kwai lo",
    "kwai los",
    "leather restraint",
    "leather straight jacket",
    "leather straight",
    "lemon party",
    "make me come",
    "male squirting",
    "mau mau",
    "mau maus",
    "menage a trois",
    "missionary position",
    "moon cricket",
    "moon crickets",
    "motha fucker",
    "motha fuker",
    "motha fukkah",
    "motha fukker",
    "mother fucker",
    "mother fukah",
    "mother fuker",
    "mother fukkah",
    "mother fukker",
    "mound of venus",
    "mr hands",
    "muff diver",
    "mutha fucker",
    "mutha fukah",
    "mutha fuker",
    "mutha fukkah",
    "mutha fukker",
    "nig nog",
    "nob jokey",
    "nsfw images",
    "nut sack",
    "o c k",
    "one cup two girls",
    "one guy one jar",
    "one guy",
    "one jar",
    "p e n i s",
    "p i s",
    "p u s s y",
    "pancake face",
    "pancake faces",
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