List of Stock Markets

A list of the top 25 stock exchanges with full name, abbreviated names and region. The data is available as a CSV file or JSON file download, or by accessing our dedicated API endpoint directly.

Data Formats: json | csv | table | api
New York Stock Exchange,NYSE,United States
Nasdaq,NASDAQ,United States
Japan Exchange Group,JPX,Japan
London Stock Exchange,LSE,United Kingdom
Shanghai Stock Exchange,SSE,China
Hong Kong Stock Exchange,SEHK,Hong Kong
Shenzhen Stock Exchange,SZSE,China
Toronto Stock Exchange,TSX,Canada
Bombay Stock Exchange,BSE,India
National Stock Exchange,NSE,India
Korea Exchange,KRX,South Korea
Nasdaq Nordic Exchanges,Nasdaq Nordic Exchanges,Nasdaq Nordic Exchanges
Copenhagen Stock Exchange,formerly CSE,Denmark
Helsinki Stock Exchange,formerly OMXH,Finland
Vilnius Stock Exchange,VSE,Lithuania
Iceland Stock Exchange,ICEX,Iceland
Armenia Securities Exchange,AMX,Armenia
Australian Securities Exchange,ASX,Australia
Taiwan Stock Exchange,TWSE,Taiwan
Bolsas y Mercados EspaƱoles,BME,Spain
Singapore Exchange,SGX,Singapore
Moscow Exchange,MISX / MOEX,Russia
Stock Exchange of Thailand,SET,Thailand
Indonesia Stock Exchange,IDX,Indonesia